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The Staff Development Centre has been set up with the objective of facilitating the continuing development of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the efficient and effective functioning of the staff of the university. The centre supports the initial and continuing professional development of staff engaged in teaching, research and academic leadership activities across the University. SDC conducts Induction programmes for all new recruits of academic in the university and several skill enhancement programes.

The University established both Management Committee (MC) and Programme Committee of Staff Training (PCST) in September 2011. Its activities are facilitated by these committees as well as university procurement committee.

By-Law for the SDC


Director Dr.R.Vijayakumaran
Co-ordinator (s) Dr. M.Thanihaichelvan  & Mrs.Jasintha Nirosan
Programme Manager        Mr.S.Aingharan

 Management Committee

  • The Vice-chancellor (Chairperson/MC)
  • Dean / Agriculture
  • Dean / Allied Health Sciences
  • Dean / Arts
  • Dean / Engineering
  • Dean / Graduate Studies
  • Dean /Hindu Studies
  • Dean / Management Studies & Commerce
  • Dean / Medicine
  • Dean / Science
  • Dean/Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan Faculty of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Dean/Technology
  • Prof.P.Ballasundrampillai(Council nominee)
  • Mr.P.Sutharsan (Council nominee)
  • Prof.K.Velauthamurthy (Senate nominee)
  • Rev.Dr.J.C.Paul Rohan (Senate nominee)
  • Dr.R.Vijayakumaran (Secretary/MC)
  • Coordinator/Education Technology
  • Coordinator/E-Learning
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • Librarian

Programme Committee

  • Dr.R.Vijayakumaran (Chairman)
  • Prof.S.Srisatkunarajah
  • Prof.B.Nimalathasan
  • Dr.T.Kumanan
  • Dr.T.Sanathanan
  • Mrs.B.J.Rasanan
  • Dr.(Miss).J.Sinniah
  • Dr.S.Thirukumaran
  • Dr.A.Pushpanathan
  • Dr.(Mrs).S.Sivapalan
  • Coordinator/Educational Technology
  • Coordinator/E-learning
  • Head/Computer Unit
  • Head/ELTU
  • Director/ Career Guidance
  • Mr.K.Gnanabaskaran (Secretary/PC)

Former Directors of Staff Development Centre (SDC)                                             


Prof. V.Tharmaratnam                                                         Prof.S.V.Parameswaran

                                       null Prof.P.Balasundarampillai                                              Prof.(Ms). V.Arasaratnam


 Prof.M.Sinnathamby                                                           Prof.P.Ravirajan